Out of Place

My friend Don Yates recently posted this photo on Facebook and shared it with me. It makes me ask: “What’s a nice word like you doing in a place like this?”








Got it? Keep your cast-offs away from my opera! (In the spirit of the sign and the musical genre it refers to, I added an exclamation point to the previous sentence.)  The people who posted this sign like their Verdi pure, and they appreciate Wagner too much to allow an aria to become a trash basket. And they are watching!

Which brings me to this next sign:









I did a triple take when I saw this sign. Okay, I mused, you can’t go into this restaurant with Fido or Fluffy, your own bottle of scotch, or . . . and here I floundered. (No fish-pun intended.) I’ve never seen a restaurant sign like this. Do people really carry in sushi unless they’re warned not to? Did someone sue after being expelled for smuggling California Rolls? I wish I could decode the characters in the upper right. Maybe they’d help me understand why “sushi” appears here.

One more beauty that stopped me cold:









Applause? True, this sign stands next to a theater door, but not at the performers’ entrance. So who’s waiting for applause? What’s the intended meaning? “Don’t sell yourself short”? “Embrace your inner diva”? “Timing is everything”?

Personally, I have been waiting for applause for a long time. Like, decades. But I’ll clap a little for some nice words sent into bad situations.

5 thoughts on “Out of Place

  1. Ellie Presner

    LOLOLOL! Past my 7th decade marker, and I’m *still* waiting for applause! Maybe there’s none in my aria.

    I’ll have some sushi to go, please! With some extra for Fluffy!

  2. Rachel K-G

    I’m late to the party here, but that’s appropriate given your last sign, which is intended to let late-arriving audience members know when their entrance will be less disruptive.

    1. Geraldine Post author

      Yes, it is a tactful way to slip latecomers into the theater. I do love to think of it as a statement of advice: “Wait — there will be applause someday!” A little encouragement, perhaps?


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