Blogs I Follow

Techno-klutz that I am, I haven’t been able to post an attractive display of the blogs I follow in the menu portion of my home page. After banging my head against the WordPress wall for a week or two, I’m making a page and hoping you too will look at these interesting blogs. In no particular order, here they are.

Ellie Presner’s “Crossed Eyes and Dotted Tees” includes posts on grammar, growing up in Montreal, and many more topics.

Catherine Conley’s “Create a Day” explores creativity – what prompts it, how it many be nurtured, and related topics.

Sharon Kunde’s “Through Hike” describes hiking with young children, but each post also touches upon parenting, relationships with family and nature, and ethics.

Debbie Burke offers great commentary on the writing process in “A Novelist’s Journey,” which you can find at